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September 14, 2017 | | Comments Off on Catalonia Passes a Law for October 1 Self-Reliance Vote

Catalonia’s parliament has passed a law leading the way for an October 1 referendum on whether to state self-reliance from Spain – a vote increasingly opposed by the main federal government in Madrid. The so-called “referendum expense” was embraced on Wednesday by the local parliament, which is managed by pro-independence celebrations, with 72 votes in favor and 11 abstentions. Political leaders who oppose self-reliance for the rich northeastern area of

September 14, 2017 | | Comments Off on House Passes a Law to Speed Up Adoption of Self-Driving Technology

Your home of Representatives on Wednesday extremely authorized legislation created to simplify guidelines governing self-driving vehicles. The legislation passed all in a voice vote. In an extremely polarized period, the dispute over self-driving automobiles has been exceptional for its absence of ideological departments. Self-driving technology is advancing quickly in Detroit and Silicon Valley, and the sponsors of your home expense looked for to make sure that legal barriers would not

September 14, 2017 | | Comments Off on What Is the Repeal Bill? Theresa May’s Greatest Brexit Law Described

Theresa May’s greatest Brexit law is being disputed in Parliament. The 66-page Repeal Bill is her huge operation to make sure Britain is ready for Brexit in 2019. It’s fiendishly made complex – but considered essential. It means offering the Tory federal government a few of the most sweeping powers in history. And it’s set to deal with “hell” in Parliament, with Labor promising to vote versus it and Tory